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Wooden Pallets

Here at N&C Pallets we specialise in wooden pallets in a range of sizes and styles. All our pallets are graded, taking into consideration usage, weight and size, so we always make sure you are sold the right pallet for the right job. For our range of pallets and size's give us a call and we will be happy to discuss our stock. If you are looking for an unusual wooden pallet size we can custom build our pallets to specification and as well as custom building we also buy in pallets for recycling, and refurbish them to a high standard. By purchasing refurbished pallets you can save up to 50% against new. All our wooden pallets are built to a high standard ensuring you receive the best and we stock thousands of pallets at our premises ready to take away.

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Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are a great alternative to our wooden pallets being lightweight, hygienic, easy to manoeuvre, heavy duty and available in a range of sizes. They are fantastic for internal use, or for businesses where hygiene is a major factor such as the food industry and are great value for money. They are also available for all budgets and weight requirements. For advice on our plastic pallets you can contact us using our contact page or you can call one of our team, we will be happy to discuss any of your needs.

Special Pallets
Pallet Recycling

Here at N&C Pallets, we are serious about pallet recycling. We recycle all our used, damaged, and beyond repair pallets. Here at N&C Pallets we are concerned about the environment and are aware of the changes within our environment. We try our best to repair and restore pallets as much as possible, however when irrepairable we can shred it in our shredder so it can be re-processed in other industries – none of our pallets get sent to landfill. Those of which are repairable we restore and sell for up to 50% less than the price of new pallets, saving you money. Before we sell our refurbished pallets we check them to our high standards, examining them and grading them.

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Custom Pallets
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